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this weekend, I...

. . . brunched it at Sneakers for the first time ever.  kahlua-dipped french toast with a side of bacon - an excellent way to kick off a Saturday.  but really, I think you could order anything and be extremely happy at this popular Winooski spot.

. . . enjoyed a beer or three as a part of Magic Hat's Mardi Gras festivities.  Daily Planet had a special themed menu for the day, and I heartily enjoyed some spicy gumbo after drinking a few Magic Hat brews.

. . . updated my little apartment with some new furniture and decor, all on the cheap!  expect more pictures to come soon.

above: second hand table (ikea, $30), zebra print place mat (christmas tree shop, $1), faux succulent (christmas tree shop, $6), glass of La Vielle Ferme white wine ($10/bottle)