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this past week I did a whole lot of dining out and not much cooking...but when a bowl of Vietnamese noodles like that above costs less than $9, can you blame me?

I finally had the opportunity to check out Pho Dang, a tiny whole-in-the-wall place in Winooski that is known for its phenomenal menu offerings and an attitude that is the opposite of pretentious.  and it's BYOB!  can't go wrong here.  I ordered #23, which seemed to be the crowd favorite of all of my friends who have been in the past.


I also had the opportunity to make it to Our House, also in Winooski, for lunch.  boasting "twisted comfort food,"  this place does NOT disappoint.  we both started with wine, as sisters are wont to do, and I went for a fat and greasy grilled cheese, to which I added "frickles" (fried pickles).  Served with fries and a little crock of tomato basil soup for dipping, it left me full for a little too long.  my sister, who was in town for a hot second, opted for the Mac Snack, which consisted of a little pot of their ultra-decadent mac and cheese and a side of tomato basil soup.  this place is known for their mac and cheese menu, which has gourmet options that range from lobster mac to buffalo chicken mac.  needless to say, I will be coming back here.

I also got to try the pizza at Sofia's on St Paul St here in Burlington.  they make pies with a chewy, flavorful crust that is a nice change from the flatbread or NY styles that seem to rule the greater Burlington area.  if you're looking to try something that's a little different than your usual Leonardo's order this weekend, I'd recommend giving them a try.