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animals | going to the dogs

photographyAnna KellerComment

it's not at all about cats here on chic or geek; canines have a tender piece of my heart, too.  since I'm the girl who seems to be known by my coworkers who is always watching animal videos, looking at pictures, scoping out Petfinder, etc., etc., I thought it was appropriate to showcase some of the world's cutest dogs in lieu of my usual Cricket pics.

first up: Boo and his buddy, Buddy, who were featured on the always-chic The Coveteur.

he wears camo so well, don't you think?

I could barely contain my glee yesterday when I got an email about American Beagle Outfitters, American Eagle's campaign to help out the ASPCA and show off some stylish little pooches.

it melts your heart, right?