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beauty | a little chop

beautyAnna KellerComment

the other afternoon, I mayyyy have decided to cut an inch or so off of my slightly unruly mane.  no, this wasn't my usual 2-glasses-of-wine-in-induced decision to play salon in my bathroom.  I very much had my wits about me and decided to do a little split end removal without shelling out 45 bucks at the salon.  no one has said anything yet, so I think I may have pulled it off.  

I may be the only one who can see the difference, but it's there.  I feel a little fresher and lighter, maybe even more youthful?  all in all, I don't have any regrets, and I can definitely credit this Into the Gloss article about medium length hair for inspiring my game time decision.  look at these babes - can you blame me?