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last weekend, I popped down to Boston with my friend Andrea for a quick escape from the monotony of Burlington and to see one of our friends and former coworkers who is getting her Masters down there.  basically, our weekend consisted of getting our fast fashion fix at H&M and Forever 21 on Newbury St and drinking wine in an adorable apartment in Beacon Hill while watching copious amounts of horrible/amazing reality TV (I highly recommend #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills for some offensively mindless entertainment).  

cheesy waffle fries & the best damn hot dog I've ever put in my mouth

cheesy waffle fries & the best damn hot dog I've ever put in my mouth

I guess we're showing our age (or are just lame), because when 8 pm rolled around on Saturday night, our original plan of hitting the town for some overpriced martinis sounded absolutely unbearable.  thank GOD we were just a 30 second stroll from Griddler's Burgers and Dogs.  we hit up the liquor store for another bottle of wine, ordered some of the finest (and cheapest!) fast comfort food I've had in a very long time, and settled in for a relaxing evening of trashy TV and gossiping.  I think I said it best when I declared, "I am not just going out so that we can say we did."  and trust me, I don't regret our decision even a tiny, tiny bit.

Griddler's Burgers and Dogs

204 Cambridge St. Beacon Hill