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somehow, summer has flown by and all of the college kids are back in my little city with a vengeance.  I just realized that it's been 7 YEARS since I was a little baby freshman (go Tartans!), and while I will never miss the all-nighters doing calculus problem sets or the terror that can only be caused by a frat house bathroom, I do miss the pleasure of back-to-school shopping.

in my mind, no one did academic styling quite like the bold and beautiful ladies of the Seven Sisters Schools.  they weren't looking for MRS degrees - they wanted to fill their brains with knowledge and actually use it, not just memorize a million different ways to cook eggs for a growing brood (this is apparently my perception of the 1960s-era housewife).  

this sartorial edge is perfectly chronicled in the book Seven Sisters Style by Rebecca C. Tuite.  click through the images below, and I'm sure you'll be sourcing loafers and car coats on the internet in no time.