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shop | Madewell fall lookbook

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over the past week here in Vermont, we went from high summer straight to mid-fall.  the nights and mornings are chilly, and nothing sounds better than snuggling on the couch with a hot mug of tea and either my boyfriend, or my cat, depending on who is around.  this also means that sweater weather has arrived much faster than usual, and while I am not emotionally prepared to swap out my sandals for my boots quite yet, I'm welcoming the opportunity to throw on a leather jacket and a scarf to help deal with the dipping temps.  and luckily for us, the Madewell fall lookbook came out just in time for some much needed inspiration.  I don't think anyone was surprised by the abundance of flannel and heavy knits, but this catalog is just what I need to get me excited for the next 8 cold months.

all images taken from the Madewell fall catalog.  view the entire collection at