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color | Marie Marot, designer

photography, style, shoppingAnna KellerComment

Marie Marot, the Parisian designer featured on The Coveteur today, says that she doesn't design with trends in mind, but instead works, "thematically. One season it will be a board of feelings, the next, a pantheon of my heroes. Or a season without wordplay but with strong words I really like."
one glance at the roundup of photos that The Coveteur team snapped made me think of the ocean - not the serene and clear water of the tropics, but the chilly and terrifying waves that you'll find off the coast of Iceland. I'm not sure if this is what she's trying to convey, but it's stunning and makes me want pull that beautiful beanie down almost over my eyes and curl up under a giant throw blanket.
it's perfect, wintry, and très chic, non?