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looking ballet beautiful

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A couple of years ago, I had a brief stint as a ballerina. I bought a pair of soft pink ballet shoes, stocked up on black booty shorts and tights, and stood at a barre at my local dance studio with a random assortment of middle schoolers and twenty somethings and got yelled at for an hour, once a week, for pointing my toe wrong. Toe pointing is so hard! As is leg lifting, and spinning across the room without getting incredibly dizzy. Basically, ballet is no joke, but I'm pretty sure anyone who has seen Black Swan already knew that.

It was challenging and usually fun, but my favorite part was picking out my outfit for the day. Simple combinations of grey, black, and grey spandex and sweater knits, topped off with a tight bun and maybe some lipstick if I was feeling fancy. It was also a good workout, toning those little muscles that you never think about but play a key part in making your butt look a little bit better.

I lost interest in that particular class, as the teacher had a tendency to confuse us more than teach us, forgetting that we had the dance competency level of a four year old. I can barely remember my way around Trader Joe's, never mind try to piece together a 3 minute long dance combination after seeing her do it just once. I did not lose my penchant for ballet inspired outfits, though, both in and out of the gym.

I follow Mary Helen Bowers, founder of Ballet Beautiful, on Instagram, and she's always wearing the most beautiful leotards and tulle skirts. Not practical for every day, but definitely something I now want. She recently came out with her own line of dance apparel, so now everyone with a spare hundred bucks can look extra chic and swan-like at the gym.