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plates for a tiny apartment

lifestyleAnna KellerComment

When I moved into my boyfriend's one bedroom apartment, I had no idea how much of a challenge it would be to combine our stuff. I also had no real appreciation for how much stuff either of us had! Yes, there was a lot that we could, and did, get rid of, but one needs a certain amount of kitchen appliances, art supplies, and cat toys to get by. At least, those are our needs.

After getting rid of a lot (although nowhere near enough) of stuff, we had to start getting smart about storage. We made one trip to IKEA and managed to not spend an obscene amount of money, but I can't help but think that with a few extra grand, we could've really transformed the place. We're trying to not buy new everything, and work with what we have. Smart, right? But often a source of conflict.

After an argument last night about the weird (he says) way I organized the kitchen (in my defense, there's no good way to do it!), I really want to replace our stacks of cumbersome bowls and plates with the Totte-Plates line of dishware from Japanese design house Nendo. They're all sleek, simple, and have a handle for untraditional but convenient storage. I'd like to think that owning these would solve our kitchen dilemma, but for now, they're only for sale in Japan.