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business | 4121 MAIN

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when people think about the city of Pittsburgh, I feel like they generally conjure up images of dirty streets, grey skies, and a sea of Steelers fans wearing their black and yellow garb. at least, that's how I felt as a student at Carnegie Mellon. I love that city, and I really miss it, especially since I feel like I left it when it was really starting to hit its stride as an up-and-coming hub for trendy millenials and creative types.

maybe there are Yinzers who think that Anthropologie stores popping up and converting a beautiful old church into a brewery/restaurant/bar (Church Brew Works) aren't the best things, but this girl definitely does. I used to love walking over to Shady Side for my favorite customizable ice cream flavor fix (Oh Yeah!) in the summer, or to my favorite vegetarian restaurant/thrift shop/art gallery (Zenith) after hitting up H&M in the South Side.

alas, now I live in Burlington, but when I saw one of my college roommates post about 4121 MAIN, I wanted to hop on a plane and move back in to my old neighborhood, stat. the beautiful cafe/floral shop/art gallery/event space is stunning, simple, and just begging to be instagrammed. she also mentioned that it served one of the best cappuccinos that she's ever had. I'm sold, and will be sure to stop in the next time I'm in town.