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shopping | spring sandals

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1. faux leather flatforms ($18) 2. faux leather huarache sandals ($20)  3. faux suede slides (sold out!)

I think of myself as an aspirational shopper. I spend a decent amount of time each day perusing the internet, browsing through clearance sections of stores that I cannot afford for seasonally inappropriate clothing. In my mind, and my Google profile would agree, I live in a warm and sunny urban area where I attend concerts regularly, art galleries from time to time, and dress up for even my Netflix binging sessions. Leather joggers are a thing now, so I can't be the only one with this kind of warped mentality.

I wouldn't say that I'm proud of this fact, as it's probably not the best use of my time, but I also don't usually buy anything. No harm, no foul. My credit card remains an innocent bystander.

This all changes when my go-to bargain hunting sites start to stock a new season of merchandise. Crop tops, too many swimsuits, and beach accessories start to fill my shopping carts. Now, mind you, I live in the great north, where temperatures have stayed consistently below freezing for far too long. I have been stuck in this permafrost for so long that I've started to consider 14 F warm. Clearly, I need help. Help in the form of cheap but chic footwear.

Enter After weeks of perusing, I finally bought three new pairs of flat sandals. All have arrived and will be perfect for transporting me on my weekly wine walks come summer, whenever that will be. Cute, cheap, and pretty darn comfortable, I'd recommend each and every one of these options, whether you live in sunny LA or have to wait two more months for Spring like me.