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shopping, styleAnna KellerComment

I wouldn't describe my personal style as preppy, but I do have a soft spot for heritage brands and New England vibes. I'm really a practical dresser at heart, and I can't say no to Thinsulate-lined LL Bean duck boots during the harsh Vermont winters or a waterproof anorak during mud season.

During the last year, I've invested a solid amount of closet space and cash into my athletic wear wardrobe, and I'm a firm believer that if you like what you're wearing when you head to the gym, you'll stay there longer, work out harder and feel better doing it.

The Boston-based running apparel company Tracksmith just launched its line of women's wear, and it's making me want to start pounding the pavement on a more regular basis. Long runs along the Charles River are what these goods are designed for, and their mood boards full of simple Ive League-inspired staples are inspiring me to start logging the miles before and after work.

You won't find studs, leather, or animal prints on their site - although there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of those trends! Just good, old fashioned running clothes for people who aren't afraid of grass stains or a little mud with their workout.