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DIY | a bar cart for small apartment entertaining

inside, lifestyle, shoppingAnna KellerComment

I sip on wine all winter long, but when summer rolls around, I can get behind pretty & fizzy cocktails. there are a few things more refreshing than a gin & tonic with a healthy amount of lime, or prettier than a French 75 served in a champagne glass. 

this is why, a few weeks ago, I decided to turn my little Ikea laptop table into a simple & convenient bar cart, perfect for hosting summer soirées. here's what you'll need to make your own:

  • a small table or cart (you can find my $25 Ikea table here)
  • a selection of liquor and liqueurs - the prettier, the better
  • a simple vase to fill with flowers, either real or fake
  • a bowl to hold fresh limes and lemons
  • a cocktail mixer, shot glass, bottle opener, etc. to bring those Pinterest dreams to life

my bar cart is stocked with mostly random finds and gifts, but here are a selection of items that I would be very happy having in my kitchen, all under $20: