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wearing a hat helps

last month, I crossed a major life threshold: I turned 26, a.k.a. I entered my late twenties. I know, I know, this isn't a big deal at all. however, even though I know the tired eyes and tiny wrinkles that I see when I look in the mirror in the morning are really only visible to me, they're there, and they're only going to get worse.

this also came at the same time that I'm starting to prepare myself, mentally and physically, for beach season. I've started taking kickboxing classes to get my butt ready for my bikinis (one hour of high intensity punching and kicking will whip you into shape, fast), exfoliating and moistorizing way more than usual, and stocking up on sunscreen for my face and body so that I don't look like a paper bag in 10 years.

yeah, I could just avoid the beach. we get like 2 solid months of temperate weather here in Vermont, and I could just hibernate and bask in the glow of my computer screen while the sun is at its peak. but it feels just too darn good to spend the day by the lake with a magazine and a giant turkey sandwich, or to paddle board (at the top of my to-do list for this summer), or to just go sit on a rock and look out at the water when I need a break from work.

so, to combat the inevitable red nose and burnt lips that come with spending time outside, I've decided to start investing in higher end sunscreen. I just don't like the feeling of putting some thick, opaque drugstore sunscreen on my face. I spend so much money on skincare and makeup in general, and I feel like my go-to sunscreen should be in the same ballpark as my concealer selection (Benefit Erase Paste, if you're wondering. well worth the price tag as it works and lasts FOREVER).

to begin my exploration into the world of fancy sun protection, I purchased the Sun Safety Kit from Sephora. it's full of high-level, broad spectrum SPFs (30 - 50) in a variety of application forms - serums, sprays, BB creams, etc.

I'm most excited for the Supergoop! and Shisheido products, as well as the sprays for easy touch-ups on my face. I'll keep you posted on which are my favorites, and which ones that aren't worth your money (even if they're free samples).

and of course, wearing a hat helps, too!