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summer polish picks

Anna KellerComment

For as long as I can remember, I've felt very strongly that I should have my nails painted at all times. I just feel naked with bare fingers or toes! with that being said, keeping your nails looking nice is nearly a full-time job. chips show up in no time, especially if you're cracking beers, running around at the beach, or doing lots of dishes.

I'm also unwilling to shell out for a regular mani pedi at the nail place down the street, since I can do so for basically free while I binge watch Netflix with a bottle of wine by my side. with that being said, picking the right polish can be hard. I'm always on the hunt for trendy, but not crazy, shades, at a price point that won't make me flinch at check out. 

I can be swayed way too easily by Essie and their smartly named hues, but they're not the only good guys out there. for my birthday last year, my sister bought me a soft camel shade of Sephora's Formula X, and I rediscovered it in my hoard of polishes a few weeks ago. I gave it a whirl, with both a base and quick drying top coat, and was pleasantly surprised by how long it lasted - over a week, no chips!

top: warm vanilla, ivory grey, rosy nude bottom: tomato pink, hot tangerine, coral pink

this of course makes me want to buy several more colors. soft pastels for my hands and bright orangey reds for my toes, both of which look sophisticated enough for the office but also help me to look a little more tan than I actually am.

Sephora Formula X - The Colors - $10.50 each