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beautyAnna KellerComment

It's way too easy to fall in love with a brand these days, and I've fallen head over heels for Glossier. Their whole skin is in mantra is one that's hard to ignore, and their products are the perfect combination of chic, easy, and cool.

I scrambled to be one of the first to buy their masks when they were released, and one night, after one too many glasses of wine, I splurged and purchased their entire $80 Phase 1 set. Submitting my order made me feel cool and pretty (but also poor), even before I tried any of the products.

The detox mask I like, it's not my favorite or most effective mask, but it's nice to use once a week and makes me feel like I'm part of their international #MaskForce. The facial spray is pleasant, although I have a hard time convincing myself that it does anything other than make me feel fancy with its rose scent and calming aloe. The priming moisturizer was too heavy for me and made my makeup turn into a melty mess midday, but I'm hoping I can start using it again in the dead of winter, and the perfecting skin tint just can't do anything to help my far from perfect skin. The balm dotcom is amazing, though, and could even replace my giant tub of Aquaphor, if I could afford to do so.

So even though I can't say I'm in love with their products, I want to be, so badly. I wish I could wake up, give myself a vigorous face massage and throw on some lotion and be ready to face the day. Following them on all forms of social media and inhaling all posts on Into the Gloss give me something to aspire to, the same way that I'm sure moms-to-be gobble up mommy blog posts and nursery Pinterest boards.

And while having something to aspire to is fun, I need to reign myself in and keep myself in check, if only for my wallet's sake. Perhaps my sanity, too. After all, there's a lot more to life than ensuring that your skin looks luminous 24 hours a day.

But with all of that being said, I really want to visit their pop-up showroom. Like really, really, really want to go. but I can't afford a plane ticket AND another batch of products right now.