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summer workout wear

shopping, lifestyleAnna KellerComment

Over the past year or so, I've ditched my workoutwear wardrobe of free t-shirts and running shorts and replaced it all with sporty performance tops and tanks and graphic leggings. This change may have aligned with the timing of Lululemon finally opening a store on Church St in Burlington, but since I can't spend $80 on leggings or $50 on a sports bra, I turn to more budget-minded stores like H&M, Old Navy, and Forever 21 to get my fix. Now I have a decent selection of workoutwear that I actually like wearing, not just something that I've found in the back of a drawer and don't mind getting sweaty.

H& just dropped a new line of activewear, and I had to buy this new sports bra. It looks badass and very Alexander Wang-esque, but without a steep price tag. At $9.99, I had to control myself to only buy one, but as soon as it comes, I know I'll head straight to boxing class wearing it and probably need to order 3 more so that I don't have to force myself to do laundry to wear it again.

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