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Lake Champlain at dusk

lately, I've been...

watching lots of Big Love, the HBO show that has me spending my weeknights glued to my AppleTV, getting in deep about the drama that comes with polygamy - dangerous cults, jealous wives, no drinking, oh my!

trying to get in as many summer activities as possible, including eating both a hot dog (on National Hot Dog Day, no less) and a hamburger at our local baseball stadium - go Lake Monsters!

taking pictures of Cricket, who has been sleeping even more than usual since summer means that she gets to hunt and eat bugs, keeping my apartment 100% pest-free.

riding my bike down to Oakledge Park and back for kickball. having our weekly games mean that the week is a little less dull than usual, and sunsets like the one above alone are worth the ride.

going to see In the Valley Below at Higher Ground, and getting ready for next weekend's three-day festival shenanigans at Osheaga. they were really good! it was a $1 show, but I would definitely pay full price to see them again.

packing my bags for an overnight ladies' glamping trip at my friend's house this weekend. we're bringing lots of wine to her house for a day and night of wood-fired pizza (that we'll get to make in her pizza oven!) eating, poolside lounging, and corn hole playing. we've been planning it for months and I can't believe it's finally here AND that the weather looks great!

have a wonderful weekend!