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Jeanne Damas for Reformation

styleAnna KellerComment

Given the alarming number of striped tops in my closet and my growing collection of red lipsticks and stains, it's easy to say that I'm still very into dressing like a French Girl. While that simple and chic style is now almost an overdone cliché, I'm pretty sure it's still considered classic and I'm going to rock it long after J. Crew stops stocking Breton tees (although I don't think I'll ever see that day).

Blogger and It Girl Jeanne Damas falls into the same iconic French Girl category as Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, and I love her new line with Reformation. Of course, there are striped shirts, but also jumpsuits and sexy crop tops that breathe some new life into the styling of this shoot. Can I afford it? Nah. But I will definitely be referencing these outfits when I need to emulate that je ne sais quoi.