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surf's up! with Andy Warhol

artAnna KellerComment

I'm holding on to summer for as long as it will last, and I'm deeply envious of people who live in areas where it's hot and sunny year round. Winter and weeks of sub-zero temperatures are looming up here in Vermont, and I'm turning to surf culture to help keep snow storms and chilly days out of my mind.

I recently came across a Vogue story on Andy Warhol's long lost surf film, San Diego Surf. I used to go the Andy Warhol Museum all of the time when I lived in Pittsburgh, and while his movies aren't his most famous work, they're definitely some of the more interesting. An artist and surfboard shaper found inspiration in the piece and was granted permission to make a series of Andy Warhol-themed surf boards - pretty rad, right? And for those of us who don't actually go catch waves, these would make some pretty perfect apartment decor.