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SINNERLIG collection at IKEA

insideAnna KellerComment
ikea sinnerlig collection

IKEA makes me giddy in a way that few places do. There's just something about the clean lines, simple but brilliant design, and easy to individualize quality of so many of its items that makes me spend an obscene amount of money every time I visit a store. I would say 80% of my apartment furniture and dΓ©cor heralds from there, but I don't think my place screams budget-friendly Scandinavian design. Shopping there is all about mixing styles, rethinking how to use certain pieces, and finding items that match your taste and your budget. Plus you can never have too many fake plants in your house, right?

ikea sinnerlig collection

The brand has released information on a new line that I want every piece of: its SINNERLIG collection. Designed by Ilse Crawford, it features natural materials such as cork, ceramics, and glass, and each piece is made with utility and comfort in mind.

I really want to bring home a set of earthenware mugs, a cork bench for the entryway, and plenty of glass bottles to scatter around the kitchen in an artsy way. Plus they'll be great for decanting my $6 wine from Trader Joe's!

So in October, you'll find me driving to the nearest IKEA (which happens to be a very sad 4 hours away) and trying to stuff as many woven baskets into my car as possible.