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rosé me, please

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I feel that rosé has gotten a bad rap from unaware wine drinkers. No, it's not just pink wine, and no! it's not just white zinfandel. A good rosé from Provence is the perfect summer wine, and should be dry, crisp, with a hint of fruit, not overwhelming or gauche. Now, I buy 99% of my wine from Trader Joe's, but they have an excellent selection of $8+ bottles that I reach for on special occasions, or really, just on a Friday night when I want to wind down and treat myself a bit.

I've attended my fair share of wine downs, but still have a lot to learn about the red, white, pink, and sparkling stuff out there. I generally pick my bottles based on price point and alcohol percentage, but I've been making a point to turn the bottle around and look for words that I know I love: smooth, vanilla, citrus, etc. and trying to match bottles with specific food pairings. Hey, I'm trying!

all images from Yes Way Rosé instagram @yeswayrose

Below are some links that I found interesting when trying to learn more about rosé. Scroll through and enjoy, and maybe pick up a different bottle than usual tonight on your way home from work!

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