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Nasomatto Perfumes

art, beautyAnna KellerComment

When I do my monthly peruse of Vogue or Elle, I usually find myself skipping the lengthy write-ups of new perfumes and histories of scent. Perfume is meant to be smelled, right? Without that sensory element, I'm bored and confused by their astronomical price tags and complex descriptions.

However, it seems to be a general rule that upscale perfume bottles are breathtakingly beautiful. And with a price per ounce that I'm pretty sure rivals cocaine, you're definitely putting your money where you can see it when you purchase gorgeous glass atomizers.

Nasomatto perfumes had this very effect on me. While I can't imagine what their Absinthe or China White scents actually smell like, I can definitely conjure up images of the whole line artfully arranged on my bedside table. Their use of natural elements and contrasting textures is just so pretty and chic. I'll never find myself ever spending a $200 on an ounce of perfume, but I have no problem blogging about these lovely little bottles - click on each to enlarge.