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four eyes

styleAnna KellerComment
image via the  Warby Parker instagram

ever since I can remember, I have longed for the day that I would have an eye doctor tell me that I need glasses. I've always had amazing vision, but really wanted that extra accessory. I even had a fake pair of glasses in college, just to put on when I needed to focus and study. they just say to the world, hey, I'm sort of tired, I didn't feel like dealing with contacts today, but don't I still look cute and now extra-scholarly? at least, that's how I perceived them on other girls.

I've had trouble driving at night for a while, and the 10+ hours a day that I spend staring at a screen have finally done some damage, so last week, I had an eye exam for the first time in my life. the doctor said exactly what I wanted to hear: glasses would benefit , but I would only need to wear them when I felt like it. they'd help a little, not a ton, but would be there for me when I need them. yesss.

I picked out one set of frames at the optometrist's office, but now I can't help myself from scrolling through more options on Warby Parker. I need one pair for work, one for home, one for weekend brunches, one for driving... right?