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SÉZANE capsule collection: Marfa

shopping, styleAnna KellerComment

invariably, towards the end of any season, I get sick and tired of what I have in my closet. the kicker is that when I go shopping, I gravitate towards staples that I already have - grey sweatshirts, striped tops, boots with a sturdy heel, navy shirt dresses... the list goes on and on. so I guess I can safely say that I don't need more clothing options, but rather, fresh inspiration for styling my staples. 

the Neo-Traditionalist recently featured the SÉZANE capsule collection for February, which happens to be a very French interpretation of American classics. think lots of denim, bandanas worn as chicly tied neck scarves, and perfectly distressed leather. rather than rush to fill my shopping cart and punish my already abused credit cards, though, this look book prompted me to take a look through my own closet, reimagining my current wardrobe with fresh eyes. I could still totally go on a shopping spree on this site, but for now, I'm content with just imagining myself in the Texan desert wearing the tan suede booties and loose patterned shirtdress that I already own.