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alternative movie posters

artAnna KellerComment

the only movie poster I've ever owned was this iconic shot from Breakfast at Tiffany's. it moved with me throughout all of my college bedrooms, but once I graduated, I decided that my days of tacking a poster to the wall were over; no more push pin-decor for me.

I'm reconsidering my aversion to movie posters as art, though, after discovering the alternative movie posters of TheArtOfAdamJuresko on Etsy. this afternoon I ordered the beautiful Marie Antoinette print (I'm obsessed with all things Rococo and Sofia Coppola, so the combination is enough to break my current shopping ban). I really like many of his other interpretations, as well - the Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Graduate options being my top picks. these prints are chic enough to be nicely matted and framed, and no one could possibly confuse my apartment for a dorm room with them on the walls.