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binu binu soaps

beautyAnna KellerComment

When I was a teenager, I would take my mom’s minivan and head to the mall, where I would make a beeline to Bath & Body Works and slather my hands with as much overly perfumed moisturizer as possible. I’d dream of the day when I could fill my home with their brightly colored antibacterial hand soup, and deeply inhale while sticking my nose in one of their bizarrely themed candles.


Fast forward ten years, and now I can’t get within 20 feet of that place without feeling sick. Glitter, Red 40, and piles of parabens are no longer welcome in my bathroom. These days, charcoal cleansers and Trader Joe’s cleansing citrus wash can be found lining the shelves of my shower. Simple and minimal, I want products that make me feel clean just by looking at them, and soaps from binu binu perfectly fit this criteria.


At $18 a bar, these hunks of soap are fragrance-free and 100% made from natural plant botanical ingredients and essential oils, definitely making them a treat yo’ self item. Yes, they’re a little more expensive than your average bar of Dove, but they’re so beautiful and simple, propelling them front want to need status.

+ bonus: follow them on instagram - their feed is beautiful @binubinu_soapsoap