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new apartment inspiration

inside, shoppingAnna KellerComment

My boyfriend and I are finally moving into a new apartment at the end of the month. It'll have 2 bedrooms (1 for an office), a washer and dryer in the unit (game changer!), 2 floors, and plenty of large windows to let in natural light and to allow my cat keep an eye on the neighbors. We signed the lease in December, and now that moving day is approaching fast, I can hardly contain myself. I've picked out a new couch for our living room, want to throw out all of our dishware to buy a set from the new IKEA VIKTIGT collection, and can't decide which CB2 bathroom accessory set to buy - I'm leaning towards the black rubber coated set, though. I want a bench for the entryway, a ladder shelf desk, and new sheepskins for every room of the house. While I haven't actually purchased anything yet (I've promised my boyfriend that I'll hold out until a few days before the move), I can't stop searching for inspiration.

these images and more apartment inspiration can be found on my pinterest board