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OTHR - responsibly designed goods

insideAnna KellerComment

While unpacking our new apartment, my boyfriend and I amassed an enormous amount of cardboard and other packing materials. Moving is already an expensive and wasteful experience, and seeing us go through so much stuff made me more aware of the waste that goes into each and every package that I order from Amazon. It's important to remember than an online shopping habit impacts more than just my bank account!

There are companies out there that understand that consumers want to be more mindful of their carbon footprint when shopping, though, and OTHR is one of them. The design company uses technology such as 3D printing to create goods as they're purchased, eliminating the waste and cost of producing products overseas and shipping them around the world to your door. 

We do not manufacture in a distant country, ship halfway around the world, or warehouse products. This greatly reduces our environmental footprint and gives true meaning to good design.

They make truly unique household items that are minimal and clever. My favorite is the Ico Bottle Opener – you won't feel bad about leaving this tool out on your counter all day long.

The items on their site are pricey, but their lineup also serves as a wakeup call to the real cost of cheap household items. I won't be saying no to Ikea or Target anytime soon, but I'll definitely be visiting this site as I continue to upgrade my kitchen.