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Madewell First Look: Fall 2016

style, shoppingAnna KellerComment

Every season, I get almost too excited when Madewell releases a sneak peek of its next collection. Sure, it's nearly 90 degrees outside and I still have plenty of tanning to do before fall starts, but I couldn't help but want to grab my credit card and hit add to cart as soon as I saw a new lookbook from this brand.

This first look for Fall 2016 doesn't disappoint, and features certain elements that I want to start implementing into my current rotation right now: lace-up tops, not-so-basic denim, lots of layers, classic kicks (I needed Adidas Gazelles, like, yesterday), and texture on top of texture. It all looks cozy and chic as hell. I can wait a few more months before shopping for colder temps, but this collection is definitely making this harder than I expected.