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Inside the Man Repeller's SoHo Offices

insideAnna KellerComment

Screw January. September = a fresh start. Who needs a New Year's Resolution when you can buy all new office or school supplies and experience the same exact feelings of inspiration and motivation? TV shows are littered with Target commercials about buying new jeans and fresh notebooks, but as a young professional, this feeling of rebirth can extend to revamping my office space, too. I'm planning on hitting up Homegoods today with the intentions of buying some new organizational supplies for my desk at my new job, and this tour of The Man Repeller's new digs are the perfect inspiration for what I want to find there - stylish, fun, and comfortable, with stacks of books and plenty of Instagramable vignettes. It feels young, but not too young - it has millennial written all over it, but not in a bad way. You know what I mean?