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insideAnna KellerComment

I spent the first half of this week in southern Maine, soaking up every last bit of sunshine and salt air that I could before the crisp air of fall hits. We spent plenty of time wandering the beach, piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, and drinking wine while playing board games. It was glorious - a quintessential New England vacation on the ocean.

The house my mom found to rent for us was great, a short 2-minute walk to the beach with picture window views of the ocean on 3 sides. My only complaint with it was that it had a bit of a "Stranger Things" vibe (has anyone else been watching?!) and could stand to be brought a few decades into the future. Some overstuffed seating, perfect for reading a book cover to cover, and more contemporary furniture pieces mixed into the antiques would go so far in this home, and this contemporary nautical lake house featured on Domino is the perfect inspiration for making that oceanside retreat a little bit more 2016 than 1986.