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a Heyday facial

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Heyday @ NoMad

I work in the skincare industry, which means that I spend a lot of time both in and out of the office learning about and trying new products and trends. Anyone who stops by my apartment just has to take one peek in my bathroom to be overwhelmed by the staggering number of sample sized tubes and jars that I've amassed to try. There's an overwhelming amount of new product coming out daily, and while I want to get my hands on as much as it as possible (#productjunkie alert), the more stuff I try, the more I realize that most of it won't work for me.

That's when it's time to turn to the experts.

heyday lobby

I've been reading about Heyday for months now, intrigued by their Instagram-friendly lobby, easy to read blog posts, and accessible approach to high end natural beauty, so on a recent trip to New York, I decided to book myself a 50 minute treatment and see what the hype was about. 

While a big part of their mission is to take the snobby spa component out of the facial experience, I was still pretty impressed with the zen vibes that I got when I arrived for my appointment. I was greeted by very pleasant staff, who were happy to accomodate me when I realized I had shown up at the wrong storefront - oops. They had availability though, so my lost-in-NYC moment only made me feel dumb for about a minute before I was led into my treatment area. 

My Skin Therapist was super nice and friendly, and happy to listen to my concerns but also gave me her two cents about my own opinions about my face. Turns out, my skin is way more sensitive than I had ever thought, and the realization that I should focus more on gentle hydration to calm my face down has been a serious game changer for me ever since. She walked me through every part of her process, but also let me relax and have plenty of quiet time throughout the whole treatment. At the end, she recommended that I add Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil to my nightly routine, and I honestly am surprised by how powerful making this one addition to my routine has been - game changer! Holy grail product, even.

A few days after my facial, my skin still felt hydrated, glowing, and more clear than usual, even after flying to the city and back, getting stranded overnight by the airport, and not getting nearly enough sleep. I'm ready to book my next appointment as soon as my schedule (and bank account) will allow it.