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upcycled & chic: Furniture Made from Recycled Glossier Packaging

style, insideAnna KellerComment

It's hard to imagine improving upon the packaging of Glossier products. The double walled jars of the Priming Moisturizer Rich are as hefty and substaintial as the formula that they hold. The shimmering transparent pink pump of Solution gives you hope that by the time you finish that bottle, you're skin will also be sparkling. And then there are the perfectly utilitarian but also wildly eyecatching pink pouches that everything comes in. When you see a Glossier product, you just know where it came from.

But what if that packaging is repurposed and reused into something chic and dressing room-friendly? After all, Glossier girls have to sit on something while they put on a fresh coat of Lidstar.

New Yorker Kim Markel answered that question with a collection of translucent furniture, all made out of empty Glossier products.

“The packaging is broken down and bonded with other plastics in large molds, then cured and sanded until an imperfect, slightly dissolved, candy-like effect is achieved,” says Markel. “It takes over 50 jars to make a single chair.”

I think I'm lucky these aren't for sale. I'm currently furniture shopping for my brand new apartment and have a tendency to throw my budget out the window when it comes to anything related to Glossier.