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lunch break

Anna KellerComment

I have a little problem: I'm always so busy/tired/indifferent at night that I never pack a lunch for work. this isn't the most cost effective way to go about things, especially since I am still struggling through life on an hourly wage. however, the food at my work is always super delicious, locally sourced, and veg-friendly. yesterday we had lentil cashew veggie burgers on a fresh brioche bun with white bean and feta salad. so you can see why I never want to cook lunch. on occasion, the cafe offerings don't sound too appealing to me. I felt this way on Tuesday so I wandered over to the Skinny Pancake cart on Church St and treated myself to a pesto and cheddar crepe. next time I think I'll just have to go with nutella, though. isn't it always a struggle to choose between sweet and savory? oy.