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A Passion for Pantone

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#pantoneposts by Lucia Litman

#pantoneposts by Lucia Litman

Have you ever taken a color acuity test online? I have, and they're much harder than you would think. We all see color a little differently from each other, which I guess explains why I occasionally see people mixing shades that honestly make me a little nauseous, but doesn't seem to impact them at all. Color is a really interesting area to explore, shaped by personal perception, senses, and preference. 

With that being said, there is also a science to color, and a standard that is set for thousands of hues that help keep everything in order. Pantone is the industry leader in developing and documenting these guidelines, setting trends and helping manufacturers to maintain a certain standard.

Still following me? Then check out #PantonePosts, a series of photographs taken by Lucia Litman that match food with a dedicated Pantone shade. From toasted bagels to bananas in varying stages of ripeness, she finds the perfectly satisfactory way to document each item as a color. If you're a fan of Things Organized Neatly and pictures that are Oddly Satisfying, I'd recommend checking her out.

instagram illustrations

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We all use Instagram differently, right? some people use it to keep an eye on their favorite celebrities (hello, Kardashians!), some use it to share BBG before and after pics, some are completely run by four-legged creatures (I'll confess that I double tap on almost anything that features an animal), while others are solely focused on stalking exes. while I have plenty of guilty pleasures filling up my feed, my absolute favorite accounts to follow are those of illustrators, especially those who work in watercolor.

this past week I started following two new accounts that I'm now obsessed with: @belindaxiaillustration and @aolanow. both are women who capture their worlds in chic and simple illustrations, and I want every single one of their pieces to create the ultimate gallery wall in my living room.

alternative movie posters

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the only movie poster I've ever owned was this iconic shot from Breakfast at Tiffany's. it moved with me throughout all of my college bedrooms, but once I graduated, I decided that my days of tacking a poster to the wall were over; no more push pin-decor for me.

I'm reconsidering my aversion to movie posters as art, though, after discovering the alternative movie posters of TheArtOfAdamJuresko on Etsy. this afternoon I ordered the beautiful Marie Antoinette print (I'm obsessed with all things Rococo and Sofia Coppola, so the combination is enough to break my current shopping ban). I really like many of his other interpretations, as well - the Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Graduate options being my top picks. these prints are chic enough to be nicely matted and framed, and no one could possibly confuse my apartment for a dorm room with them on the walls.