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a history of chambray

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Chambray button-downs fall under the same category as striped tees and grey sweatshirts in my closet: types of shirts you can never have too many of. While my boyfriend tries to embarrass me over my large collection of seemingly similar tops, I know that each one is unique and has its own purpose in forming my outfit for the day. However, I did not know the cultural and historical significance and evolution of this comfortable closet mainstay, and I found this New York Times Magazine piece asking, "Is the Blue-Collar Shirt Still Blue Collar?" very interesting, and I think you will, too.

style | vintage back to school

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somehow, summer has flown by and all of the college kids are back in my little city with a vengeance.  I just realized that it's been 7 YEARS since I was a little baby freshman (go Tartans!), and while I will never miss the all-nighters doing calculus problem sets or the terror that can only be caused by a frat house bathroom, I do miss the pleasure of back-to-school shopping.

in my mind, no one did academic styling quite like the bold and beautiful ladies of the Seven Sisters Schools.  they weren't looking for MRS degrees - they wanted to fill their brains with knowledge and actually use it, not just memorize a million different ways to cook eggs for a growing brood (this is apparently my perception of the 1960s-era housewife).  

this sartorial edge is perfectly chronicled in the book Seven Sisters Style by Rebecca C. Tuite.  click through the images below, and I'm sure you'll be sourcing loafers and car coats on the internet in no time.

mood board | Kentucky derby

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let the races begin!


shortly, I'll be sipping on mint juleps in an impractically large hat, watching some horses sprint their way around a track.  it all sounds a little silly, but, hey, tradition is tradition, and I'll take any excuse to dress up and get classy day drunk.

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photography: an antarctic expedition

art, photography, historyAnna KellerComment

since we're experiencing Antarctic-like temperatures in Burlington today, here's a little bit of photography/history fun for you.

the Antarctic Heritage Trust recently announced that they discovered almost two dozen 100-year-old photo negatives that appear to be relics from the 1914 - 1917 Ross Sea Party expedition.  I think that the results are stunning, and it's fascinating to see what today's science and technology can recover from the past.