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shop: Gelcream tee

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There's a vast world of skincare product Instagrammers out there, and one of the OGs (and unfortunately, one of the most ripped off) is @gelcream. Her product holding technique and use of shadows in her photography is always just right, and her captions are always honest reviews of a full spectrum of products - mass and indie, brand new and classic. Her Insta is a goldmine of product inspiration and discussion topics, and her stories feature cameos of her adorable pup Mishka and lots of reminders to drink more water (seriously, everyone needs to drink more water!)

She's hinted at having other creative projects in the works beyond her IG pages, and her first one was released this week. A simple, yet completely on-brand custom t-shirt. I'm thinking this will bring together true @gelcream fans the same way that Glossier's grey sweatshirts did.

Even though it's a little pricey ($59), I love supporting bloggers and other creatives when they make the leap from Instagram posts to a finished product. Plus making product in small volumes is incredibly expensive! And the design is so cool AND comfortable - my only two real qualifiers when shopping for myself. I already bought mine.

shop: OV swim

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I'm a girl who owns zero pairs of spindly high heels (wedges and sturdy stacked heels are my fo-to, preferably from Madewell), has too many pairs of workout leggings, and air dries my hair 99.9% of the time. I live for comfort and thrive in low-effort environments. I blame it on too many years of living in Vermont, land of Birkenstocks and actual no-makeup looks (my Birkenstocks are rose gold, though, and my overflowing makeup bag is proof of my Sephora VIB status, so it's all relative, I suppose).

This expected level of comfort extends to all aspects of my wardrobe, including beachwear. We may have approximately 8 months of winter here (a slight exageration, but only a slight one), but the second that it gets above 70 degrees, you'll find me down at the lake, wearing a hat, absorbing as much vitamin D as I can on my exposed limbs.

The just-launched collection of swimwear from Outdoor Voices is perfect for those long afternoon of sipping Zero Gravity beers by Lake Champlain. The tops and bottoms promise to stay put during an impromptu game of frisbee, and you won't flash anyone while trying to get situated in a fruit-themed floatie. And, the available colors all compliment any level of tan! 

I've been a fan of this brand for years, and their new collections do not disappoint. This one launches just as I'm starting to get bored with all of the other swimsuits that I have in my dresser for the season. Serendipitous, or just really good planning on their part?

upcycled & chic: Furniture Made from Recycled Glossier Packaging

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It's hard to imagine improving upon the packaging of Glossier products. The double walled jars of the Priming Moisturizer Rich are as hefty and substaintial as the formula that they hold. The shimmering transparent pink pump of Solution gives you hope that by the time you finish that bottle, you're skin will also be sparkling. And then there are the perfectly utilitarian but also wildly eyecatching pink pouches that everything comes in. When you see a Glossier product, you just know where it came from.

But what if that packaging is repurposed and reused into something chic and dressing room-friendly? After all, Glossier girls have to sit on something while they put on a fresh coat of Lidstar.

New Yorker Kim Markel answered that question with a collection of translucent furniture, all made out of empty Glossier products.

“The packaging is broken down and bonded with other plastics in large molds, then cured and sanded until an imperfect, slightly dissolved, candy-like effect is achieved,” says Markel. “It takes over 50 jars to make a single chair.”

I think I'm lucky these aren't for sale. I'm currently furniture shopping for my brand new apartment and have a tendency to throw my budget out the window when it comes to anything related to Glossier.

Light Jacket Weather

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all images can be found on my  outerwear Pinterest board

all images can be found on my outerwear Pinterest board

Last week, Vermont was all chilly mornings and crisp, orange leaves. I successfully swapped out my summer clothes for my cold weather ones in my closet, and was mentally preparing myself for 8 long months of hibernation. I even met a friend for maple rooibos tea lattes on Sunday afternoon - that's how prepared for fall I was! My shorts are packed up, my scarves are all ready to grab at a moment's notice, and I'm prepared to watch my summer tan fade. Today was a balmy 68 degrees though, and tomorrow could get as hot as 80 here in Burlington?! This whole climate change situation is insane, and since I'm mentally prepared for light jacket weather, I'm going to stick to my guns and rock some cozy outerwear tomorrow, no matter how warm it gets.