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Cabot Creamery

eating local

adventure, foodAnna Keller1 Comment

when you think of Vermont, what immediately pops into your head?  rolling hills dotted with cows, right?  luckily, along with cows comes dairy, and from this dairy comes 2 other very Vermont-y things that should also come into your head: Cabot Cheese and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

I was vegan for about a year.  then I came to my senses and realized that my favorite cheese in the whole world (Cabot Sharp Cheddar) comes from happy little cows that live right down the road and in other little farming communities all over New England.  the cheese is made by locals in a little factory in a town that can only be described as rural.  I'm sorry, but no matter how good Daiya and other vegan cheese substitutes seem, nothing is as good as the real stuff.

it took almost 2 hours to drive to Cabot, and once we arrived we were well out of cell service and hungry for some samples.  the visitor center is small and full of every Cabot product imaginable.  our lunch that day consisted of popcorn covered with cheddar cheese powder and their finest artisan cheese cubes.  they only sell their sage cheddar at their 3 retail locations, and I highly recommend trying it if you have the chance.  the tour of the factory was short but very interesting and I now know that I really don't want the job of cottage cheese taste tester.

after eating our fill of creamy cheese, we went back to Waterbury to catch one of the last Ben & Jerry's tours of the day.  the tour cost $4, which was basically the value of the enormous sample that we were given at the end.  I was surprised by how busy the factory was on a Saturday (they don't make ice cream on the weekends), but a quick survey of the Burton-clad crowd and ski-goggle tan lines indicated that most people came over here after spending the day hitting the slopes (another Vermont-y thing that may have popped into your head).

but seriously, how hard is it to eat local when this is where you live?

(as long as you're not lactose intolerant.  or vegan.)

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