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mid-week procrastination

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oh, Wednesday.  hump day.  whatever.  it's a hard day to get through, and if you don't have a few handy links, you just can't survive the grind.  after today it's practically the weekend, though, and I hope that you can all muster up the strength to survive until then.  

here's what helped me to survive my day:

  • Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are engaged!  he was my dream man when I was a mere 15 years of age, and yes, I still find his wardrobe of dorky tees and Mr. Oats to be wildly arousing.  good choice, Leighton.
  • the Madewell gift guide has me wanting Christmas to arrive SO BADLY, and I wouldn't mind having a pile of pretty wrapped packages filled with the entire list under my tree.  Santa, are you listening?
  • I'm obsessed with anything Wes Anderson, and NYLON's compilation of scenes and music from his movie had me swooning all day and reminding me of my life goal to turn into Margot Tenenbaum.
  • another life goal of mine is to successfully wear lipstick without looking like a mess, and this Into the Gloss makeup guide has me thinking that this could someday be a reality.
  • on The Man Repeller, she describes the tremendous task of layering up for winter.  soon, this will be my daily reality as I live in the tundra of Vermont and will walk to work when it snows too much for my little car to make the trek.
  • this room porn of The Apartment made me absolutely swoon (see above image).  oh, to be rich and fabulous.

now, excuse me while I go investigate the Patron margs at Chipotle.

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I am a NYLON girl

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I'm constantly inspired by my own childhood.  the 90s were awesome, just admit it.

sometimes I rock a totally inappropriate amount of eye makeup.

I think loafers >> pumps.

I have multiple tattoos & piercings, but most people have no idea.

I like knowing about musical groups before other people, but this is mostly because I only like going to really small, intimate shows were I can dance my heart out and possibly meet the band.

I'm not afraid of DIY hair dye.

I like to travel off of the beaten path.  give me obscure & beautiful over trendy & popular any day.

I have more girl crushes than boy crushes.

I love knowing how cool stuff is made (Factory Girl rocksss).

sometimes it's fun to dress like a cliché.  wear boat shoes on a yacht, tennis whites on the court, and Doc Martens to a concert.

collaging is one of my favorite pastimes.

I'm obsessed with classic books and famous art museums.

leggings are pants (but tights aren't).

my first celebrity sighting was Alexa Chung and I'm still really excited about it.

I am a NYLON girl.

my mom was kind enough to renew my NYLON subscription when she learned I was saving my pennies.  now I'm back to poring over the articles, each neon-accented page filled with finds like Japanese beauty products, Brooklyn-based bands, and child stars from the 90s that you totally forgot about but are still pretty awesome.

what's your favorite magazine?