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Plum - A Classy Girls Night Out

UncategorizedAnna Keller1 Comment

My housemates and I have become frustrated at Carnegie Mellon: there is very little reason to dress up.  Really, if I wear something other than sweatpants, people assume I'm going somewhere else or that I have a presentation.  If I wear heels anywhere on campus, I get head-turns and double-takes like no other to see who is making such a racket, banging her way around.  However, being girls, we like to look nice occasionally and took it upon ourselves to create a reason to wear real clothes. We decided that a nice restaurant was the best way to go, and we had happened to walk by Plum in East Liberty during the summer and were pretty impressed by the interior but even more in love with the menu.

3cYjOHfDCgrm4z-640mBeing college students who aren't exactly rolling in it, we love to eat out but need to be cost conscious about it.  Dinner for everyone cost about $13 (including tax and tip) each, and while we didn't get the highest price sushi on the menu, we got plenty of really delicious food that resulted in leftovers for some.  I really wish I had gotten pictures of the interior and of the food, both of which were chic, well-presented, and rather impressive.  I guess the restaurant used to under previous ownership and was considered much higher-end than it is now (and would have been totally out of our price range, but the new owners kept the decor and changed up the menu.  There is really something for everyone, from tofu curry to some of Pittsburgh's best sashimi.  I had sonomuno, miso soup, and an asparagus roll, which were all just phenomenal.

I highly recommend this restaurant.  It just seemed like a really hip place, and while we were probably the youngest people in there (21 can't come fast enough for this girl), we were comfortable and really just so happy.  It's way classier than Sushi Too but no more expensive, and I can definitely see myself coming back here in the future.

I mean, we looked this happy when we left.  It was a good night.