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adventures in film: hot summer days

photographyAnna KellerComment

expired color Kodak 200 film

all it takes is a little rain and a day that's under 70F to make you think that summer is over before it even began.  today I'm sipping on tea, wearing thick socks, and hiding from the gloom and perpetual drizzle.  I did sleep really well last night since, snuggled under my comforter in a way I haven't been able to do since April.  I'm sure it will warm right up again very soon and I will once again be complaining about the oppressive heat.

adventures in film: on an alpaca farm

photographyAnna KellerComment

my mom's friend lives down the road from us and just happens to have an alpaca farm.  these little guys had just been shorn and were so darn cute!  there were a couple of one-year-olds in the group as well as one mama-to-be.  there were also two little barn cats who were so happy to see some people for a change.  they must've only been a couple months old.

I took these about a month ago and was really antsy to see how these would turn out since I used expired film.  I also shot these at the wrong speed for the film (whoops).  it's all part of the learning process...