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weekend flowers

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pink roses

my weekend trips to Trader Joe's always start with me picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers. having some fresh fauna in my apartment always feels like such a nice touch, especially in the summer. and at least with fresh cut flowers, I'm not guaranteed to kill it like I do every potted plant that comes through my door. these roses set me back $3.99, and since they're one of a small selection of cat-friendly options at the store (gerber daisies and sunflowers are my other safe go-tos), I get them in a different color every time. pink seemed like a good choice today, especially when paired with Natalie Portman's dress on the cover of August's Harper's Bazaar on my coffee table.

pink roses

Laetitia on Inside Closet

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I recently discovered Inside Closet and just had to add it to my Feedly. it's a blog focusing on French women and their closets and apartments. I could look at apartment inspiration blogs all day long, but this one stands out to me because it doesn't focus on immaculately curated shelfies* or perfectly color coordinated walls of Céline and Acne. it aims to shine a spotlight on unique women and their spaces, who manage to get up every morning and make themselves look beautiful and different from the hoards of style bloggers out there. it all happens to be en Français, but if you're like me and can basically only order some wine in a cafe with your high school level French language skills, it's OK to just sift through the images and occasionally turn to Google Translate for assistance.

I really love the three part series she recently did on a woman named Laetitia. her apartment is simple and clean, with thoughtful collections and elements throughout that make you think, hey, she really lives there! but also, she clearly doesn't like to hoard crap

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

*shel-fie (noun): a photo of one’s possessions arrayed on a surface, such as a shelf

inside | office or loft?

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the office of Leandra Medine, author/blogger behind Man Repeller, is the kind of place you'd actually want to spend your 9 - 7 (or 8, or 9...).  in the world of orthopedic office chairs and those terrible industrial carpets, it's refreshing to see a space that is light, not suffocating, quirky and age appropriate.  it seems that our generation has to spend so much time at the office that it just makes sense to design a work place that feels as comfortable and chic as ones home would be. . . or rather, what my dream apartment would be.

inside | apartment prowling

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the lease on my apartment is up on the last day of June, and at that point, I'll have been living in my little studio-with-a-loft for 2 years.  decent, cat-friendly, reasonably priced, one-person apartments are hard to come by in Burlington, and it's even more difficult to find one that is so convenient to the lake and to work.  so, while I'm itching to move, part of me wants to stay where I am, save up a bit, and make do with my small space for another 12 months.

that doesn't mean I can't dream of redecorating, though.  gotta keep things fresh!  a fresh coat of paint here, a new gallery wall there, and a chic new couch would suit me and my place just fine.