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minerals encyclopedia cards

artAnna KellerComment

my Christmas wish list is growing and growing as the holiday approaches, and I've come to terms with the fact that this just means I'll have to do a little shopping for myself next week. the newest edition to my list is this minerals encyclopedia card set, which includes seven prints with mineral facts on them. I want to frame this cards and make a little gallery wall out of them to take me back to my days working at a natural history museum, where I took advantage of every opportunity I had to stroll through the hall of minerals.

surf's up! with Andy Warhol

artAnna KellerComment

I'm holding on to summer for as long as it will last, and I'm deeply envious of people who live in areas where it's hot and sunny year round. Winter and weeks of sub-zero temperatures are looming up here in Vermont, and I'm turning to surf culture to help keep snow storms and chilly days out of my mind.

I recently came across a Vogue story on Andy Warhol's long lost surf film, San Diego Surf. I used to go the Andy Warhol Museum all of the time when I lived in Pittsburgh, and while his movies aren't his most famous work, they're definitely some of the more interesting. An artist and surfboard shaper found inspiration in the piece and was granted permission to make a series of Andy Warhol-themed surf boards - pretty rad, right? And for those of us who don't actually go catch waves, these would make some pretty perfect apartment decor.

Gray Malin photography

art, photographyAnna KellerComment

I first became familiar with the playful and vibrant photographs of Gray Malin through Pinterest. his color saturated prints are just begging to be repinned, and I was surprised to learn that he has only been selling his photographs for a few years. 

while his prints start at $199 and are definitely out of my price range, they'll do just fine as desktop backgrounds for my work computer. maybe they'll inspire me to just say screw it and grab a colorful inner tube and jump into the nearest body of water.

all prints can be found on the Gray Malin website.

art | fortuna major

art, lifestyle, beautyAnna KellerComment

I was all sorts of delighted this morning when I happened to find myself on the Instagram of Marine Delahaye. the art director and illustrator has the most darling beauty product prints up right now on her website fortuna major and I just want these framed and in my bathroom, stat.  for now, though, I'll just have to settle using them as the wallpaper for my iPhone.