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Material and simplicity. These are the two self-declared core components of both A.P.C., the French label that is known world-wide for it's stylish yet simple essentials, and Outdoor Voices, the up-and-coming brand that dresses cool kids who shun labels on their way to Soul Cycle. Their new collaboration, A.P.C.O.V.shoppable as of August 31st, is the perfect marriage of minimalist athleticism that takes athleisurewear to an uncharted place of understated sophistication.

These pieces build outfits that feel equally balanced with a thick pair of Nikes or thin calfskin ballet flats, and you won't find a single pop of neon or a panel of mesh anywhere in this collection built on greys and blues.

Happy shopping!

another grey sweatshirt

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I <3 my new grey sweatshirt

I <3 my new grey sweatshirt

After one quick pass through my closet, you can easily say that I have a problem: I tend to buy a lot of the same items. Hell, you could tell the same thing by scrolling through this blog. I love striped tops, leather jackets, simple shoes, and grey sweatshirts.

I can claim that I'm slowly but surely embracing Uniform Dressing, but the truth is, I'm always in pursuit of a version of an item that's better than what I have now. Yes, I have 8 grey sweatshirts, but they aren't all perfectly soft on the inside, they don't all have raglan sleeves, and they aren't the ideal mash up of chic and athletic so that I can wear them with jeans and not feel like a slob.

Luckily, I now have one that meets all of that criteria (at least until it survives a few tumbles in the dryer). Glossier, the skin care company off-shoot of Into the Gloss, has started to sell sweatshirts in addition to vacation-ready coconut lip balm and skin-soothing moisturizing masks. As soon as news of this new item hit my inbox, I entered my credit card information and one of these $60 beauties was mine.

Is 60 bucks a lot for a basic item like this? Yes, yes it is, but I'll assure you that it's worth every penny.!/products/glossier-sweatshirt

street fleece

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I've been a fan of Everlane ever since it first came up in my tumblr feed. with its chic and simple styling and radical transparent pricing, it's the modern girl's antidote to Forever 21 and the soul crushing world of fast fashion. 

this week, they launched their street fleece collection. it encompasses everything there is to love about the athleisurewear trend - comfort, sporty styling, utilitarian materials - but also won't confuse people into thinking you're sitting in your post-kickboxing sweat at brunch. it's not schleppy, either, and I would almost even consider wearing those sweatpants to work. almost.

veja shoes

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over the past few months, I've definitely gotten into sneakers. maybe it's because I moved in with my boyfriend, who works in the industry, but I'm now a lot more appreciative of top-notch designs, as well as great quality and unique styling. I don't want to rock the same Adidas kicks as everyone on Pinterest, but I also don't want to drop $150+ on a nice pair of custom sneakers. there's also a little piece of me that still holds on to my college era idealism, and my former vegan, environmental ethics-loving self is really digging the shoes from Veja.

founded by two Frenchmen in an effort to make eco-friendly shoes that don't look like eco-friendly shoes, Veja is a beautiful solution to the problem of fast fashion. they source their materials from Brazil, working with manufacturers there to create stylish products that utilize the traditions and techniques of the area.

Marion Cotillard named it one of her top three favorite brands (alongside Chanel and Dior), and if it's good enough for her, then it's definitely good enough for me. you don't need a movie star budget to afford these!