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The Envy & The Vibe

The Envy & The Vibe

If you're like me and try to wash your hair only once every few days (and owe this accomplishment entirely to the life-giving magic of dry shampoo - my favorite is Amika's), it can be very difficult to keep your hair away from the frizz-inducing mist of the shower. It's too easy to space out and stand directly under the water stream, and then you're forced to take an extra 10-15 minutes in there to wash and condition. There goes your whole evening!

Wearing a shower cap is the obvious solution to this problem, but I've always avoided those things for a variety of reasons: they're flimsy, make a ton of noise when they're hit by the water, and leave a sad indentation on your forehead from the elastic band, among other problems. There's nothing hip or stylish about them, and where can you even buy them? I thought everyone just stole them from hotels.

the envy showercap

Former advertising executive Jacquelyn De Jesu had similar feelings about her nightly showers, and felt inspired enough to do something about it. She invented the chic and entirely functional SHHHOWERCAP, a turban made out of a 100% waterproof nanotech material. Jacquelyn De JesuJacquelyn De JesuJacquelyn De JesuJ

From their website:former advertising creative Jacquelyn De Jesuformer advertising creative Jacquelyn De JesuFormer former advertising creative Jacquelyn De JesuFFFerwekrjlkFFFormerasdf

We are SHHHOWERCAP. We believe that you should never feel less than 100%. That your beauty products should only help you feel beautiful. And that you should never keep anything around (a boyfriend, best friend, or product) that makes you feel like anything less than your best self. 

There are currently 8 different styles for sale on their site, and at $43 each, it's hard to justify buying one in each color, but I definitely want to! I don't think I've ever tried to accessorize in the shower before, but this is the perfect opportunity to try it, right?

binu binu soaps

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When I was a teenager, I would take my mom’s minivan and head to the mall, where I would make a beeline to Bath & Body Works and slather my hands with as much overly perfumed moisturizer as possible. I’d dream of the day when I could fill my home with their brightly colored antibacterial hand soup, and deeply inhale while sticking my nose in one of their bizarrely themed candles.


Fast forward ten years, and now I can’t get within 20 feet of that place without feeling sick. Glitter, Red 40, and piles of parabens are no longer welcome in my bathroom. These days, charcoal cleansers and Trader Joe’s cleansing citrus wash can be found lining the shelves of my shower. Simple and minimal, I want products that make me feel clean just by looking at them, and soaps from binu binu perfectly fit this criteria.


At $18 a bar, these hunks of soap are fragrance-free and 100% made from natural plant botanical ingredients and essential oils, definitely making them a treat yo’ self item. Yes, they’re a little more expensive than your average bar of Dove, but they’re so beautiful and simple, propelling them front want to need status.

+ bonus: follow them on instagram - their feed is beautiful @binubinu_soapsoap

links I like

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I've been making my own matcha green tea lattes using a delicious mix from Trader Joe's, but if you want to try making your own, it doesn't look too hard. I was hesitant to try this stuff out, but it's actually a good alternative for a caffeine addict like me on the weekends when I don't need to wake up as quickly.

travelling for the holidays? packing light is tough, but definitely easier with some chic and simple inspiration like this

my motivation to cook dinner instead of getting takeout pho is at an all-time low right now, so this Goop round-up of (healthy!) dinner hacks for people too tired to cook looks like the best thing in the world to me.

I'm currently fighting the good fight against the black mold that popped up in my poorly ventilated bathroom, and to try and keep my head up, I'm dreaming that someday I can have a beautiful bathroom with a bathtub and ample counter space and...well, no mold. like these brass and marble-filled beauties.

and finally, I'm digging this sheepskin stool from CB2. alas, I know that it would immediately become a very expensive cat bed.