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eating at the Oscars

foodAnna KellerComment

last night was Hollywood's biggest night of the year. everyone looked stunning, Chris Rock killed it as a host, and attention was called to the big (white) elephant in the room. beyond that, Charlize Theron made a point to call attention to the above average burgers that were being served during her backstage pre-show interview, which got me thinking about all of the amazing food that these celebs must chow down on post-show. I'm sure most of the celebs, especially the ladies, avoid heavy meals day of, so once the pressure of looking beyond amazing is off, they're free to celebrate and enjoy quite the spread. Vogue did an overview of the Wolfgang Puck-hosted feast that greets hungry award winners after the show, and here's a taste, below:

Oscar Food By The Numbers:

4,000 small plates

6,000 cocktail forks

4,500 bamboo skewers

1,300 oysters

10 kilos of caviar

7,500 individual shrimp

325 pounds of sticky rice

30 gallons of cocktail sauce

6,500 wood-fired Oscar-shaped pizzas

3,000 breadsticks

1,000 grilled cheese sandwiches

1,500 quail eggs

800 figs

300 pounds of Wagyu short rib

400 cauliflower

10 gallons of shallot vinaigrette

5,000 cage-free eggs

2,500 macarons

1,000 mini cookies

7,000 mini chocolate Oscars