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J. Hannah Does Nail Polish

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My Instagram feed is full of beautiful accounts from stores, designers, and crafters that I can't even begin to think about affording. I like to look at beautiful things, OK? The dark side of always scrolling through such lust-worthy posts is that I start to rationalize spending my grocery budget on pinky rings, but so far, I've been able to control myself and not purchase anything too crazy (maybe this will all change when Instagram finally integrates shopping into the app, but until then, I think my bank account is safe).

One such account that makes me double tap on every single post is that of J. Hannah, maker of Fine Jewelry for Fine Ladies. Her creations are the perfect mix of minimal simplicity with sculptural elements and a sprinkling of old school glamour - her Form Ring ($195) and Demi Signet ($198) are two of my favorites. 

Jess Hannah, the force behind J. Hannah, obviously has impeccable taste, and she's curated her own line of nail polish to go along with her selection of handmade jewelry. Each color is as sophistacated and timeless as her designs, and they all feel seasonless. They're seven-free and not tested on animals, and since they're only $18, they're the perfect entry level purchase to her products.

An Update: J. Hannah Nail Polish Review

After lusting after a few of these polish shades after their initial launch, I bit the bullet and ordered two: Marzipan and Saltillo. I had trouble deciding between shades - she has so many vibrant yet neutral options that it was tough! 

The packaging is sleek and easy to hold, and reminded me a lot of American Apparel's now-discontinued nail polish. I'm pretty sure it's the same bottle. The brush allows for easy, smooth application and made for neat, short strokes.

I found there to be slight formula variability between the two shades, which seems par for the course, as the lighter shade (Marzipan) requires 3 coats for a non-streaky finish, while 2 coats was sufficient for the darker Saltillo color.

The polish's thin texture reminded me of Smith & Cult's shades, and not thick like many of Essie's colors.

Both lasted without chipping for about 2 days, but someone else could have completely different results. I tend to have terrible luck getting nail polish to last on my nails. At least I have a good excuse to try other colors if I have to redo them every few days, right?

A Passion for Pantone

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#pantoneposts by Lucia Litman

#pantoneposts by Lucia Litman

Have you ever taken a color acuity test online? I have, and they're much harder than you would think. We all see color a little differently from each other, which I guess explains why I occasionally see people mixing shades that honestly make me a little nauseous, but doesn't seem to impact them at all. Color is a really interesting area to explore, shaped by personal perception, senses, and preference. 

With that being said, there is also a science to color, and a standard that is set for thousands of hues that help keep everything in order. Pantone is the industry leader in developing and documenting these guidelines, setting trends and helping manufacturers to maintain a certain standard.

Still following me? Then check out #PantonePosts, a series of photographs taken by Lucia Litman that match food with a dedicated Pantone shade. From toasted bagels to bananas in varying stages of ripeness, she finds the perfectly satisfactory way to document each item as a color. If you're a fan of Things Organized Neatly and pictures that are Oddly Satisfying, I'd recommend checking her out.

summer polish picks

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For as long as I can remember, I've felt very strongly that I should have my nails painted at all times. I just feel naked with bare fingers or toes! with that being said, keeping your nails looking nice is nearly a full-time job. chips show up in no time, especially if you're cracking beers, running around at the beach, or doing lots of dishes.

I'm also unwilling to shell out for a regular mani pedi at the nail place down the street, since I can do so for basically free while I binge watch Netflix with a bottle of wine by my side. with that being said, picking the right polish can be hard. I'm always on the hunt for trendy, but not crazy, shades, at a price point that won't make me flinch at check out. 

I can be swayed way too easily by Essie and their smartly named hues, but they're not the only good guys out there. for my birthday last year, my sister bought me a soft camel shade of Sephora's Formula X, and I rediscovered it in my hoard of polishes a few weeks ago. I gave it a whirl, with both a base and quick drying top coat, and was pleasantly surprised by how long it lasted - over a week, no chips!

top: warm vanilla, ivory grey, rosy nude bottom: tomato pink, hot tangerine, coral pink

this of course makes me want to buy several more colors. soft pastels for my hands and bright orangey reds for my toes, both of which look sophisticated enough for the office but also help me to look a little more tan than I actually am.

Sephora Formula X - The Colors - $10.50 each