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how time flies

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two years ago today, I was wandering around my very new home of Copenhagen, still eating pastries like they wouldn't make me fat, not caring if I got lost (which I was most of the time), accepting the fact that I could and should dress only in somber tones, and getting through life only knowing two Danish words - tak (thanks) and hej (hi/bye).   but, really, how time flies...

september, 2011 | Copenhagen, Denmark

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danish style: winter edition

styleAnna KellerComment

for a class project I had to go find and interview some stylish Danes and ask them about what they think Copenhagen street style is.

I picked Nadia & Christina for two reasons: they looked really nice & approachable, and they were dressed in a way that I think shows how people dress here really well.

they had it all: slim on the bottom, loose on top.  neutrals all over.  leather jacket & parka with fur trimmed hood.  BLACK.  Converse All-Stars & Hunter boots.  cozy scarf.  and of course, cute & blond.

wall art

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even though I'm moving out of my Danish apartment in 2 weeks, it's nice to have a few things up on the walls so that I feel like I can call this place home for a bit.

1.  my film prints & posters from the winter Monki catalogue

2.  my postcard collection from my semester of exploration

american tourister

adventure, photographyAnna KellerComment

1.  linen in Lithuania      2.  dolls in a souvenir shop in Vilnius

with my family here last week, I felt like a tourist in Copenhagen, the city that has started to feel like home.  when we went to Lithuania, we were definitely loud visitors from America.  it's very different to travel with your family, and while there was a lot more arguing than there usually is when I'm with my friends, it was nice to have a parent around to foot the bill (thanks, Mom!).

here are a few shots from my iPhone of our travels.  look at my travel blog to read a little bit more about my adventures.

3.  somewhere over eastern Europe      4.  Christmas decorations in Illum, a Danish department store    5.  cuff links in Illum

6.  cameos in the Royal Treasury in Rosenborg Slot     7.  a ceiling in Rosenborg Slot      8.  the airport in Vilnius